Osode Farms

Osode farms is an agro-allied farm business that was launched in 2015. Born out of the need to utilize open fields to satisfy the ever rising demand and quality for agro processing companies and also in order to provide a real source of income and provide employment for the nation.

Our 100 (Hundred Hectares) of farmland is located along Iseyin-Ibadan expressway, Opadere village, off Seraphim road in Iseyin, Oyo State. We grow a variety of farm fresh produce as well as fruits and vegetables.

As one of the leading innovators of greenhouse farming in Nigeria, we are now more than ever, passionate about and more committed to providing healthy and quality farm fresh produce at affordable prices for agro processing companies.

At Osode Farms

We seek to be the best producer of food crops by transforming the business of farming into a sustainable, diverse, dynamic and profitable enterprise that can aid in contributing significantly to the national gross domestic product.

Our Mission

To produce food crops of a high quality with keen efficiency in order to contribute effectively to societal development and national building

Our Objective

To utilize 100 hectares of land acquired to establish and produce different types of crops in a controlled environment (Greenhouses) and open fields to satisfy the demand and quality for agro processing in order to provide a real source of income and provide employment for people in the community.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives include:

  • To produce quality crop suitable for both domestic and global markets.
  • To be a profitable farming business, envisioning a positive gross income at the end of the 2019 financial year.
  • To take full advantage of agricultural mechanization & technology to pioneer innovative agricultural products.
  • To differentiate our service by offering excellent ad professional customer service whilst maintaining good employee relations.
  • To create employment for the community and support community projects once the
  • To integrate operational and management processes so as to promote environmental care and sustainability.
  • To communicate a rich corporate culture which encourages all persons and stakeholders involved in the business to show love, respect and practice honesty in conducting transactions.
  • To ensure best operational practices in cultivation to guaranty quality and High yield per unit area.
  • To establish a production specific business arrangement with customers where crops can be produced according to preferred specification.
  • To establish robust interaction with local and international research institutes to share relevant ideas and technology in tune with global standards.

Our People

At Osode Farms, we are proud and count ourselves lucky to have a passionate and dedicated team who are committed to growing quality crops using best practices. While we very much aware that people are the heart and soul of any business, we feel particularly blessed to be bound by a deep passion for and commitment to the original mission and vision of our founders to contribute to national growth.

This mission is what brought many of us here, and it’s what keeps us inspired to get better each and every day. Growing green isn’t always easy but wouldn't have it any other way because our people have the perseverance and passion to weather any literal or figurative storm because we believe it’s the better way to live.

Our Clients

With our commitment to quality, there is no doubt our values have enabled us to form closely excellent partners with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sectors, local and national governments.

By building not just business relationships but really long-lasting partnerships with our clients, we get the opportunity to work closely with them. This helps us to truly understand their unique business needs, and then we are able to provide quality products to meet their long-term business goals.